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 Subject :Doing Service: Sharing at Institutions..
2010-11-03 18:33:49 
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Today I was priviledged again to share and hopefully spread the message of Nar-Anon to fellow family members who are in pain because of a loved one's addiction.  As always it is a humbling experience.

I am often reminded of the first time when someone from Nar-Anon came to do a share at that specific meeting and how I listened but did not hear much.  I was too wrapped up in my own troubles and felt overwhelmed by the pain of all the members in the room.  At that stage I still felt that my situation was not so bad ... little did I know what awaited me as I travelled to my next appointment - a conjoint session with my addict.

I came from that experience shattered, thinking there is nothing that can be done to save my situation and wallowed in self-pity for 3 days.  It was during these dark days that I remembered the Nar-Anon sharers and started my own investigation into the fellowship.   I attended my first meeting seeking the answers I so desperatly needed to fix the addict and found out, over many weeks of attending meetings, that I needed fixing too.

Today I am grateful for all the members who shared their experiences, strengths and hopes and they gave me the courage to share mine in order to provide relief to suffering loved ones of addicts.

Doing service = personal growth


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 Subject :Re: Doing Service: Sharing at Institutions..
2011-03-15 21:49:10 
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This month I was scheduled to share at the CTDCC in Obz. Sharing the platform with Dante was great. Although our first time together, we clicked well, splitting our contributions in one providing info on Nar-Anon, how the meetings and program work, with the other concentrating on his life experience with addiction and the road to recovery.

  • During question time, a very typical query was once again raised, i.e. "Why do I need Nar-Anon and a 12 Step program as I am not an addict?"

Reflecting on this question, remind me once more of the intense gratitude I have for my HP leading me to Nar-Anon. Once, I too shared this same view.  Although the answer is simple, it is never easily accepted. I struggled to admit defeat in all my efforts to 'solve' my addicts problem. Even at a time when all my efforts to get him clean did not produce any positive results.  I had no alternatives, but remained resolute to cure the addict.  Admitting to the chaos in my life, forced me to seek help for my situation.


Knowing I had to concentrate on changing the only person I had complete control over, and the realisation that that person is ME, did not come easy.  Today, I have come to believe you cannot change the addict, but in changing your attitude towards the addict, you are able to achieve a different way of life that will bring peace, comfort and serenity, independent of the choices the addict make.


And that is why I needed Nar-Anon. To help me realise that the most important component in my recovery is ME.


"Change Who You Are  And You Change All Your Relationships"


Grateful for the opportunity to share.

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