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 Subject :Starting a meeting..
2011-10-01 08:19:18 
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Hi everyone,

I wonder why evryone is so quiet this week. I feel like I have reached a plato and don't know where to go from here. My addict has done what I feared most, he has quit his job as of yesterday and plans on moving closer  without having a plan or any finances!

But anyway I have learned this much, that that is not my problem at this stage so I am not trying to convince him of anything.

I really want to start a meeting in Rustenburg, but I need to visit another meeting before I start one here, to see how it works, on the time table I see that all the meetings in Gauteng is during the week which makes it difficult. If anyone knows of a meeting over a weekend or one closer to Rustenburg, maybe Pretoria North, I would really appreciate it.

Hasve a bhlessed weekend.


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 Subject :Re: Starting a meeting..
2011-10-02 21:35:10 
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Hello Nokka I was wondering The same thing! I'm glad to see that ur still doing well with ur recovery.I've had a slight relapse this week.I got into one of those old arguments with my husband,you the ones where things just pour out of ur mouth and you get that instant gratification or so it seems,until moments later when you're left feeling empty and you wish you hadn't given into old ways,but after my meeting I managed to pack away that pity pot again and take on the world one day at a time again! Hope you get that meeting started,all of the best and stay strong!!
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 Subject :Re: Starting a meeting..
2011-10-05 16:56:07 
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Hi Nokka.

You would have received I am sure the information from the Webmaster re: this topic.

Have you looked at the "Meeting List - Printable" under the "Main Menu"? There is a meeting in Pretoria, but being from the Cape, I haven't the foggiest what North is in relation to your position and the Garsfortein meeting in that region.

Another option would be to attend a few Alanon meetings. They are generally more accessible and wide spread.  Do check the Alanon website for their meetings list. They also use the 12 Step program, exactly the same as ours, the only difference being the drug of choice. After you have been to a few meetings, you should have the basics. 

Cape Town is very supportive of the establishment of meetings in other regions and I am sure will assist you with all the foundation material you require to start a meeting.

Trust you will find this helpful. Do interact with the administrative body via the serenity mailbox.

Warm regards


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 Subject :Re: Starting a meeting..
2011-10-15 19:52:26 
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Hi Yusuf and Anthea

I am struggling cant seem to even find an ALanon meeting here, sent them an email awaiting a response. i am just so down today after speaking to my addict, I realised that we or he is making life changing decisions today Iand I feel like he is making them without the correct help, facts, understanding... cant find the right word now.

I need to visit a meeting in Pta and they are all during the week, so I will have to wait for the December holidays when the school closes to go to one, cant drive at night with the kids.

AArgh what a bad day!

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