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 Subject :Nar-Anon Mini Convention..
2011-05-10 16:55:57 
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Come to the Nar- Anon Mini-convention on the 28th May 2011

Place: Cafda Hall, 8th Avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town

Time: 9am until 4pm
In the spirit of recovery for all our Nar-Anon members, we would like all meetings to participate and for as many members as possible to join us for the day.

A convention allows us to fellowship, become part of the bigger picture of Nar-Anon Western Cape, and share in the experience, strenghth and hope of members sharing. It is a positive and uplifting experience and is an event we should encourage our new members at our meetings to attend.

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'The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve' Albert Schweitzer
 Subject :Re: Nar-Anon Mini Convention..
2011-05-10 19:36:22 
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I remember the last Mini Convention as if it was yesterday.

That was such a heartwarming, encouraging and uplifting event!

I want to encourage everyone to try and attend the upcoming convention.

You will not regret it, I promise!

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 Subject :Re: Nar-Anon Mini Convention..
2011-05-10 22:44:48 
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Jurgen you are so right. 1 year has gone by and "my new family and friends " have grown. It was such an experience sharing and listening to the other shares. I will be there again and looking forward to it.

Please join us - you will not be sorry.




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