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Area Services Committee
Subject: Area Services Committee
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The Area Services Committee or “Areas” for short, is a working group of Nar-Anon members elected to specific portfolios for a period of 3 years. 

The primary function of Areas is one of service to support all individual Groups in matters common to all Groups. 

Administrative positions are made up of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, with additional Sub Committee portfolio heads for Public Information, Hospitals & Institutions, Policy & Planning, Literature, Helpline, Member Services, Events and Website Administration. 

Each Group choose a Group Service Representative (GSR) from within their meeting who attends and represent the wishes of that group at monthly Area meetings.  Areas meetings are open to any member of Nar-Anon.  There are ten meetings held in a calendar year. During the first two years, the present committee concentrated on

·         Increasing the number of Nar-Anon Groups in the regions of South Africa, (Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape).  From the original 4 meetings, we now have an additional 4 with 1 in PE, 1 extra in Johannesburg and 2 more in Durban.

·        Consolidating our process of support at a number of Rehabilitation Centres at which we share our story of hope to Families and Friends affected by another’s addiction.

·        Visiting various institutions and bodies involved in drug addiction to inform them of the existence of our fellowship and our message of hope.

·        Improving the Nar-Anon website to increase its usefulness as a remote assistance tool and a source of information to local and distant members.

·        Organise regional gatherings, i.e. mini conventions, braais, etc. to bring together fellowship members at events where we can meet and network.

·        Importing a variety of literature in support of individuals and Groups; developing and commenting on international documents for adoption at Nar-Anon World Services; producing pamphlets and posters for local and international distribution.

·        Replacing and updating all individual Groups on changes to literature in the Chairperson’s Pack, the Guide to Local Services, etc.

·        Consolidating and responsibly managing our finances in support of all sub-committee efforts in performing their function and spreading the message.

·        Managing the Nar-Anon Helpline Service.  

The three year term of the present committee will end in April 2012.  The process to elect a new committee will begin soon.  We look forward to a cooperative process involving all the individual Groups and members of Nar-Anon in a successful election. 
Yours in Service Area Services
CommitteeTerm of Office 2009 to 2012


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