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A Step Three Story

My son has been struggling with addiction for nine years. I have experienced countless “Just for today’s”, several nine month milestones, numerous rehabs, and some near death experiences that I prefer not to remember.

I have been a Nar-Anon member for as long as my son has been struggling. On working my Step Three, I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God. I put my faith in a power greater than myself and I had faith that my son would eventually find the God of his understanding. I convinced myself that in time he would be restored to sanity and that he would eventually find recovery. ...

Nine years ago, at my son’s first NA meeting, a multiple year milestone was being celebrated. My son picked up a “Just for Today” key ring as well as a candle from the person celebrating multiple years in recovery.

After the meeting, my son asked me to keep the candle which I have done for nine years. On approaching my son’s first ever one year milestone, I gave my son the old candle.  At first he could not believe that I had kept it for so long. We discussed the past nine years and I told him that although I had been discouraged, I had never lost faith in him as an individual. The past nine years appeared on his facial expression and in a flash his smile showed a look of pure self-love and determination. I thank my Higher Power, the Nar-Anon Twelve Step Program and my Step Three recovery, which is based on faith, for giving me this very special moment in time.

I can now look back at the nine years of trials and tribulations, with the realization that it was my absolute faith in God and the Twelve Step program that equipped me well for this day. In the past, and with each and every relapse, my own recovery got stronger and my faith became more resolved.

I have faith that one day my son will celebrate multiple years in recovery and that he too will offer one of his multiple year milestone candles to a “Just for Today” addict.

Quote: WORRY is looking around, SORRY is looking back, FAITH is looking up!


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